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NewsFri, 20th October 2017

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   Update Safer Crossing Point Grovewood Drive North    September 8, 2017

After lengthy discussion and consideration Boxley Parish Council’s Environment Committee, having reviewed all the bids received for funding from the dedicated Highways Projects budget, have identified the Safer Crossing Point on Grovewood Drive North as that warranting the highest priority on the grounds of public safety and benefit to the community.  The September Parish Council meeting approved the release of parish council reserves to fund the project.  Once likely costs are known, the Committee will move on to the next item on the list offering the most benefit at commensurate cost.

Due to current financial constraints and the lack of injuries and crashes along the road Kent County Council would not fund improvements. Grovewood Drive North is a busy road bisecting Grove Green separating the North of the development from the South and residents wishing to access open spaces, the shopping centre, halls, medical organisations and St John’s Primary School have to use narrow pedestrian refuges which just about take a buggy and with the narrow road leave residents in a vulnerable position. The minor shopping centre with a 24 hour Tescos and petrol station is accessed via Grovewood Drive North and as only one of two roads linking Grove Green to the outside world it is extremely busy.

KCC was presented with a petition signed by over 500 residents, many of whom had children at the primary school, but with no improvements planned by KCC the parish council had to consider whether it would fund the work. County Councillor Paul Carter agreed to fund a Speed Count and Flows Survey which will indicate whether a zebra crossing can be installed and where it might be located. The surveys are scheduled to start on Tuesday 19 September for one week and the results of the survey will become available in early October. 

Parish Council Chairman Bob Hinder said “the parish council has been informed that a zebra crossing could cost anything between £15,000 and £30,000 depending on the land conditions. Should the parish council be able to attract other funding and if there is an underspend on this project it is hoped to undertake another project”.

Boxley Parish Council had previously, with financial support from County Councillor Carter’s devolved members budget, paid for the controlled crossing point outside of St John’s School. 

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