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NewsFri, 20th October 2017

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   Maintenance    September 26, 2017

Boxley Parish Council has signed up to be part of the Community Payback Service (CPS) and is now on a waiting list for work groups when they become free. Offenders who have been assigned community service are assigned to teams and the parish council has to nominate areas for them to visit and undertake work in.

The parish council needs your help to identify public areas in which the CPS team can work. There are certain restrictions on what the team can tackle but any areas you can suggest would be gratefully received by the parish council.  Earlier this year the parish council pulled together a document (see below) of areas that it had identified as needing extra maintenance and this will hopefully explain what can be done.  Even if you don’t walk around your local area if you know someone who does, especially dog walkers, can you please ask them to support the parish council’s initiative by identifying footways, footpaths, open spaces etc.


If you are part of a community organisation please feel free to pass this e-mail on.

The parish council has been advised to keep a long list of jobs to be done as a larger team may need more tasks and it is vital to use the teams well so that the CPS sees the benefits of putting them into the parish of Boxley.

Please send you comments, suggestions of work and locations to the parish office.

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