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NewsFri, 20th October 2017

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   Spring Bulbs    September 29, 2017

Boxley Parish Council has purchased 2000 native daffodil bulbs for councillors and residents to plant.

After publically asking residents to suggest areas for the bulbs to be planted and for volunteers to help plant them they are now being distributed.

All communities within the parish will have bulbs planted somewhere and it is hoped that they will naturally increase each year. Public areas including Maidstone play areas, highway verges and parish council open spaces were chosen and each councillor or volunteer has 150 bulbs to plant.  Maidstone Rotarians learning of the parish council's proposals also offered purple crocus's as their organisation purchases these bulbs to support a polio vaccination charity. The parish council gratefully accepted this offer and plans to make a donation towards the purchase and the Rotarians will hopefully be planting these bulbs in the verge outside St John's School and also around the Grove Green Village Sign.



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